Farq the Orc
Welcome to frostmane.

having ganked and spanked all the gnomes on dragonmaw, farq and his friends decided to move to a new realm... a realm full of gnomes who have never known the fear of being chased by a big angry orc with a big orange hammer... and of course hundreds more stupid allies who think they can grind or ride to their instance in peace and tranquility.

well, here is the first day of farq on the Frostmane (EU) realm server.

the first order of duty was looking for new friends.

i met up with my pvp buddy talangar and we quickly found some dragonmaw noobs to kill. they didn't drop any sandwiches (i have a GM ticket open on this) so we kept looking for new allies - fresh allies, FROSTMANE allies!

zomg! first frostmane ally kill, a nub warrior with bwl axe and valor gear. i can already tell this server is full of pve'ers... it's surely time to add some pvp to frostmane.

and pvp doesnt always involve fighting under circumstances which are completely fair.

and so the allies start to whine about it.

hey, i might as well kill this hunter cindel. gief sandwich plx!!

AGAIN, no damn sandwich. :( <- sad panda face.

full tier2 doesn't really help, unless u have 5 scattershots...

there's that hunter cindel again - keel!!

another hunter. l2freezetrap and run keke.

Woot - first frostmane gnome kill! enjoy the taste of the silithus dirt, halfpint.

and so it was time to meet some of the big frostmane guilds. meet: Victus Forensis.

Hi Cindel! Still no sandiwch ??

meet: Nefarius.

LoL, that ice block is REALLY gonna help alot...

Mmm... dead frostmane allies taste Good. anyone for a gnome steak ?

meet: Momento Muri. (but, isn't red just so last season? wts [Fashion Sense]...)


more ganking action!

Zomg... as in... "zomg it's a long corpse walk to the scarab dias."




all gnomes must frigging DIE.

and yes we've killed quite a few allies already. /cheer for pvp on the new server.

Oops, I think the allies are a little upset now... a full 40 man raid came down from aq and ended our little get-together.

and i quickly found out that wherever you find decent, honorable players who will come and help out their friends who are in trouble, you will also find jerks who take sick pleasure in laughing at other people's misfortune.

QFT nubcake! the allies here are NOT happy pandas and as a result u just got owned.

and so it was awesome to meet new frostmane allies, from all the big guilds. however no evening is complete without ganking some nubs from dragonmaw.

hehe, dead again. you guys are getting quick on the "Release" button!


and so ended my first day on frostmane. it seems a fun server, no ques, lag-free, plenty of guilds running around in aq epix (you can tell them, they're the ones that look like bugs), unfortunately many nubs from dragonmaw :( but hey i won't complain, i'll just gank them because they deserve it.

finally i'll leave you with a quote from irc: "we have an understanding of peaceful co-existance in grinding and outdoor zones".

something tells me this is all going to change on frostmane....

catch u soon on frostmane (EU) - farq.


copyright © "go and kill your own gnome!!" by farq, 2006.

- Frostmane EU realm server. contact: farqtheorc@farqtheorc.com.